Helen Mørken Porcelain

Hand-crafted porcelain lighting and ceramics


A glowing globe of light, a fascinating pattern of shadows, a coloured flex, and a zip fastener! Zzip combines what I love best in design – it is a beautiful object but with an element of the unexpected.

Group of three perforated porcelain globe pendants with colourful zips

Porcelain with plastic or metal zip. 13 cm diameter with E14 bulb socket and 3 m textile covered flex with switch and plug. 18 cm diameter with E27 bulb socket and 1.5 m textile covered flex and porcelain ceiling rose.

Standard flex and zip colours: red / black and white / black / white / green. Other colours may be possible on request.

Perforated porcelain globe pendant with black and white zip

Detail of perforated porcelain globe pendant light with white zip

Lit Zzip pendant lamp in dark room